About Us


Kobus Verster Biokinetics is a well established Biokinetics practice based in Alberton. 

Our services include orthopedic injury rehabilitation, chronic disease management & general health and wellbeing. 

We also provide for Medical aid testing: Discovery Vitality, Momentum Multiply, Compcare, Bankmed, Polmed, AECI & Fedhealth Weight Management program. 

We Help You Stay Healthy

Meet The Team

We have a team of qualified specialists ready to help you achieve your goals.

Kobus Verster

Kobus is passionate about the health & fitness industry. Driven to make lifestyle changes and create long term sustainable habits to make sure people live healthy fit lives.

Shazia Jooma

Shazia has been at Kobus Verster Biokinetics for a year. Feisty, strong and always giving patients the best service and advice possible.